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So this morning I woke up far too early (because yesterday I felt an irresistible urge to have Mexican food and dragged Riccardo out for tacos and sangria. We had too much beer and sangria, although the tacos lacked anything but some pretty good chorizo meat: no peppers, no sauce, no sour cream. Maybe that's tex-mex?) and got to read the latest Infernokrusher production. After chuckling my head off, I thought I'd share the goodies with the Italian fandom. Since (a bit to my surprise) they had seemed really interested and had debated quite seriously the whole Mundane SF affair.

So I posted a link to the InfernoKrusher manifesto, translating the gist of it.

First answer was: "Oh, it doesn't seem all that original to me. The first surrealists were saying much the same things."

Thinking that perhaps I hadn't given enough hints, I pointed out that the Surrealists were missing the GIANT ROBOTS.

Second answer (from a different person): "I find it a bit strange that a "movement" defines itself by these kind of elements... It seems more like a fan club statute than the manifesto for a movement."

Maybe I underestimated the extent of the language barrier. Or maybe Italian fandom has lost its sense of fun.
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> Or maybe Italian fandom has lost its sense of fun.

Naahhh... ma cosa dici? Ma se è tutto un turbillon di sagaci battute, brillanti calambour e freddure disarmanti...

Secondo me sei tu che non hai più lo spirito per cogliere le sottili esplosioni di umorismo e l'incredibilmente malizioso sottotesto che permea le discussioni. Del resto è per questo motivo che ultimamente partecipo così attivamente alla vita fantascientifica locale.


(per fortuna che c'è Brookmyre a tenerci su! :-)



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