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Give positive feedback. Tell people that they are worth something.

I find that for me, depression magnifies the bad sides of everything that happens. My self-picture, viewed through the depressed filter is 'I am thirty-five, I can't support myself, I suck at relationships, and I neglect my horse.' A more realistic assessment is 'I made some bad career choices, but I am actively working towards doing what I love, I have awesome friends and am open to a relationship (but don't mind being without); I have given less time to my horse recently, but he is healthy and I can be proud of everything I have achieved with him.' Only that I needed to get out of the deepest depths of depression before I could accept the second set as the truth.

And in the spirit of things (I've said it before, but I want to say it again): I think that these articles are awesome. They're helping me a lot to come to terms with my own depression, and with my own reactions to the people around me; they are also useful in giving me a guideline to say to other people 'look, this is what I need, and I really appreciate it.'

You rock.

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