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Anna feels awful
In the physical sense, although since I ran out of antidepressants, and the last time I was so sick I also ran out, and went could turkey, and it was not good, it might progress to the other kind of awful.

I can't afford to stay off work, but if tomorrow I need to go out and fight for my medication that might well be all that I will be good for. I'm ok as long as I am on plenty of fluid and paracetamol. For reduced expectations values of ok.

Well, vitamin D is not infallible is all I can say.

Not a fantastic way to get back on LJ, but hey, that's what gives me enough time: being miserable in front of a keyboard.

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I'm so sorry to hear this. I hope you recover soon.

Isn't that what LJ is for?


You're being miserable in front of a keyboard means that you've taken the trouble to inform far away folks how you're doing.

Welcome back. *hugs*

Crazy(but rooting for you!)Soph

Vitamin D is a fine thing, but no, not infallible. Thanks for stopping by to see us, though.

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